Girls in Charge workshops employ a fun, game-based approach developed with graduates and undergraduates and tested in companies, to create a delightful session with real impact.

Our 2-hour flagship 'Confidence: Level Up' corporate workshop is aimed at giving women at all levels feedback, skills and insights to help them present themselves and their ideas more confidently, while our 'Creativity Unleashed' session is a new addition created by co-founder, Nikita Sudhir, who was a published poet at the age of 16 and is now working in finance. In this workshop, she introduces the ways in which creativity can be unleashed in the corporate space.


What's more, by choosing Girls in Charge, you will also make possible our workshop series at a new partner university in the UK - we run a programme of 8 sessions for free per university, and pay for travel expenses and materials from the fees for our corporate events. Currently, we have a queue of 19 institutions waiting to join the initiative.

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Confidence: Level Up

Did you know that 74% of women believe they lack confidence in the workplace? Let's rebuild your confidence through games!

N.B: this is a female-only workshop.

Creativity Unleashed

With the rise of automation and further implementation of technology in nearly every industry, the skill of creativity and thinking 'outside the box' has become crucial.

N.B: This is a mixed-gender workshop.