The Girls in Charge Initiative was founded in 2018 by women who wanted to make a change. It was built with the goal of educating female students of all socio-economic backgrounds on entrepreneurship as a real career option and supporting them should they choose to take this path.


The Uni Leadership programme is implemented through a series of games-based workshops held at your university by societies that you’re familiar with, led by the people you know. These will focus on the various soft and hard skills required to be the CEO of your own firm: confidence, leadership, communication and idea evaluation being some of the topics covered. We strive to aid you through every step of the process from generating your own business idea to building an execution plan and tips on securing funding. Towards the end of the series, depending on the university you attend, you will have the opportunity to hear from either one of our esteemed guest speakers or the chance to participate in a networking and mentoring session with experienced innovators.


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