The Free Uni programme is implemented through a series of co-hosted games-based workshops by societies at your university and us.  These will focus on the various soft and hard skills required to be the CEO: confidence, leadership, communication and idea evaluation being some of the topics covered.


In addition, we offer partner societies the opportunity to recommend up to 8 Student Leaders per academic year to receive training and have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through facilitating their own workshops.

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  • Breaking boundaries – We aim to provide support to female students across the United Kingdom (and beyond!) and help them in their career journeys even if they are not necessarily entrepreneurial.

  • Training provided – If your society were to collaborate with us, selected members would receive the training required.

  • Extra events for your society  - The sessions also have a clear agenda which would allow the society to plan events accordingly and individuals that take the initiative to lead them would have the opportunity to add this unique experience on their CVs.

  • Access to speakers and advisors – we work in collaboration with organisations within and outside of institutions, such as Oxford University Innovation and the Girls' Network. As such, we have access to a vast variety of speakers and advisors from diverse backgrounds who can provide insights to students at your university.

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  • No experience necessary - at the Initiative, we appreciate getting the 'relevant' experience can be challenging, therefore, we do not require any previous experience for our Student Leader roles. Training will be provided. All we ask is for you to be open-minded and willing to learn.

  • Learn on the job - You will receive training prior to hosting the workshops and we hope that through 'doing' you will learn a lot more than you would just by sitting in a speaker-led event.

  • Expand your horizon – by leading the workshops, you will not only improve your presentation and interpersonal skills, you will also be able to expand your network and meet student leaders from other universities. Furthermore, you will have access to our founders and partner institutions.

  • The classic “looks good on a CV” – whilst responsible for leading GC workshops will look good on a CV, we do hope you learn real skills too!

N.B: Student Leaders must be recommended through Partner Societies.