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about us

our mission

Our mission is to upskill all women through fun and gamified content, giving them the confidence and entrepreneurial skills to progress in their corporate careers or develop their own business. 


We value creativity and playfulness because we like to do things differently.

We believe that gamified content unleashes the curious child within which is at the core of learning effectively.


Learning should be interactive and empowering, and facilitated by energetic, approachable individuals. Impact is key to what we do – we aim to reduce the gender pay, start-up, and scale-up gaps.


We can try to change the world alone, but we can do it faster through collaboration with our external partners, ranging from societies to corporates, always striving to make a difference.

Purple Flower

We envisage a world where everyone has the skills to pursue and create career opportunities, regardless of gender and background.

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Girls in Charge was founded in December 2018 by Maggie and Nikita (pictured here) who were students at the time and interested in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Its birth was inspired by the gender start-up and funding gap, and the size of the talent pool universities offered to change this. 


We created game-based workshops to develop the confidence and entrepreneurial skills of future female leaders. In an informal, care-free setting, we use gamification methods to teach participants skills needed to start, run, and work in a business, excel in life and in turn run similar workshops themselves - an empowering knowledge exchange for all involved.


Everything we do centres on creating impact and influencing change. From upskilling students, the leaders of the future, to working with and gaining the support of large organisations such as Cartier, Fiverr and Flex, to directly joining important conversations at the top national level, twice at the House of Lords. Our work and mission have even had media coverage in Europe and Asia.


The feedback has been overwhelming - Girls in Charge help more women be empowered, especially through the delivery of our corporate workshops with partners, via these we are able to scale our Impact Programme to even more locations and have a wider reach to keep inspiring a positive change in the female leaders of tomorrow.

our story


Founding Year

(was supposed to be a

3-month project starting

in December 2018)

Attended the 2019 'Inspiring Enterprise in Education'

event at the

House of Lords

'Future Founders'

Featured in national entrepreneurship report,

This was no longer a

three-month project...

training sessions and workshop series in 5 universities - Oxford, LSE, Westminster, Leeds, and Manchester

First Student Leader

Received 2 awards from the University of Oxford for

Social Impact

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