Girls in Charge was founded in 2018 and was created by two female students interested in entrepreneurship and venture capital. Its genesis was a response to the disparities of female-led start-ups and the size of the talent pool universities offered to change this.


Games-based workshops were formulated to develop entrepreneurial skills in an informal, care-free setting, and the ripple effect of training Student Leaders how to start a business and how to run workshops is that they then shared their new skills through leading their peers, imparting their knowledge, and empowering all those involved.

Through our work at universities, corporations began to notice us and invited us to run workshops at their offices. The feedback has been overwhelming - not only do we help empower more women, the generous donations of these companies mean that we are able to run our university programme at even more locations!

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Maggie Chen


Maggie is a serial entrepreneur, linguist, and lecturer. She launched her first company in 2015 when she was still a fresher at university. Her academic background lies in languages and literature, but was heavily involved in the startup scene at university. She was Director of Entrepreneurship at the Oxford Guild, and served on the Student Advisory Board of the Oxford Foundry. Now, she runs 2 companies (shutup.dance and OxICE) as well as Girls in Charge, and is also lecturing and designing entrepreneurship courses for universities. She is Deputy Chair of the Spring Board at Cheshire and Warrington LEP.


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