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This year we aim to help even more of you boost your skills and confidence: presenting... the Level Up Challenge.

This is an opportunity for you to play mini-games and learn with others in our community. 

The challenges are posted weekly in our LinkedIn community group. There are winners crowned weekly and monthly!

Why not join in the fun and level up your skills and confidence together with others also looking to develop?


Here are our winners so far! Below are the crowned Girls in Charge that have been won one of our Level Up Challenges. You could be featured here next week!

Jaya Gupta

Winner of Challenge 1: Personal Slogan. Jaya's slogan 'do what makes you happy' resonated with many of our members and was a reminder to us all to make sure we do what makes us smile and to make enjoying life a priority.


Elsa Giolito

Winner of Challenge 2: Queen of Cold Messaging. Elsa carefully drafted a great cold message to one of our members, learning about the individual and what she wanted to know before asking to connect - just like her namesake would!

Elsa Photo.jpg
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