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We recognise that by hosting workshops for students and professionals in addition to roundtable discussions, we have a vast network of women across the globe who have been part of our journey thus far. We also acknowledge that women supporting women is an important aspect of collective and individual growth!


So, we have created a platform for all women who interact with Girls in Charge to connect and meet one another.

Our group is an ever-expanding network of people from around the world: university students, recent graduates and established professionals in varying industries.


If you are looking to make new friends, network and surround yourself with passionate individuals, our community awaits... See below for more of the benefits to joining.

Find a


With a broad range of individuals in our group there is plenty of opportunity for you to find someone in your area of interest who can provide you with support and advice.

meet like-minded individuals

Our community is full of women wanting to make an impact, learn entrepreneurial skills and feel empowered. If you're looking to find people with similar interests to you, we recommend joining!

share stories and advice

We post polls to incite discussion; articles exploring industries and important skills; motivational and inspirational TED talks and more, all with the aim of helping you grow and network.

coffee catch ups

Whether you want to get advice on a new business idea or have a chat and make friends, we aim to offer regular virtual coffee breaks for our community to 'meet' and bond.

Join our community by clicking here!

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