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All our workshops aim to equip women of all socio-economic backgrounds with entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills for career development.


The workshops are all game-based and are run by the Girls in Charge team. Once a year we run workshops for University societies through our Impact Programme and they are also available for purchase for educational institutions and corporates.


Below is a sample list of the types of workshops we offer, focusing on various soft and hard skills required to excel: confidence, creativity, communication and idea evaluation being some of the topics covered.

Workshops that help you be your best self


Knowing who you are is important for your personal life and for the business world. As an entrepreneur, you will be the centre of your business, and the ‘personality’ of a company will be derived from your personal branding. As a job seeker, you need to stand out from the crowd. In this session, you will:


- gain a roadmap to personal branding

- explore your strengths and weaknesses

- create your own personal brand

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Pitching and public speaking will be part of your life regardless of your career path, be it presenting your work to your department or launching your company's new product. This workshop will:


- help you understand and conquer your fear of public speaking

- take you through the essentials of body language, voice, and storytelling for an audience

Female Speaker


In these uncertain times, businesses must be creative to stay afloat, and those who do it well can even thrive. Many people believe humanities subjects are not useful, this workshop will hopefully break that myth. In this workshop, you will:


- explore your thinking style

- learn to generate and work on your ideas in a methodical yet creative manner

- break rules and set new ones

Creative Thoughts


The idea of your own business being your sole source of income can be daunting and one that requires some risk assessment. So, many of us turn to having a side hustle first. This workshop is designed so that you don't need to have a business idea to attend! In this session, you will:


- gain an understanding of the necessary steps to launching a side hustle, from ideation to marketing

- learn about different types of side hustles

- explore low-barrier opportunities

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Communication is necessary for all aspects of life, especially in the increasingly digitalised workplace. This workshop aims to guide you through the steps required for effective communication: whether it be with your team or your boss; in person or virtually. In this workshop, you will:


- explore your spoken and written communication

- analyse your communication and negotiation styles

- examine communication on different platforms

Woman Getting Interviewed


Having a great network can help you immensely when it comes to job hunting or even running your own business. In this session, you will:

- explore your personality and how it fits with networking

- examine your networking style

- perfect your intro for both online and in-person

- learn to read the room



What you say matters, but also the way you say it. This workshop will help you understand how to align your words with your body’s movements, honing your presentation skills and giving you a confidence boost. You will learn:


- the difference between verbal and non-verbal communication

- the psychology behind body language

- to use body language to increase your presence and confidence

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We all feel a bit of a drain before deadlines, be it exams or for work. Finding your inner calm and creating a resilient mindset will help you during tougher times. In this workshop, you will learn:


- to understand your own risk tolerance

- the psychology of stress

- how to create the happy hormones cocktail

- formulate your personal recipe for times of stress

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