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An Intro to Networking Effectively

We love to make concepts that can be daunting accessible here at Girls in Charge, so we’re back again to discuss some ways to network effectively. A tried and tested rule of thumb is the three P’s of networking. We want to give you an introduction and provide you with a framework to keep in mind when you’re considering your next networking moves.

Propose: What is your goal for this particular networking session? Is it to make more general contacts? Or is it to forge specific connections with your own business or organisation in mind?

People: Leading on from above, what people are you looking to network with? Make a list, do some research, and develop interest in what they stand for. Don’t make this list too big or equally, too small.

Process: Process is a crucial element to effective networking. Sites such as Linkedin have helped processes become more streamlined, as you have a wealth of people and their experience laid out at your fingertips. Connecting with people online either standalone or before an event is the perfect way to softly introduce yourself, or make connections before you meet people in real life. Plus, Linkedin’s filters make the entire online process even simpler, as you can narrow down who you’re researching straight away.

If you’re interested in getting some more tips on how to network effectively, sign up to our workshop in March. In the session you will:

- Explore your personality and how it fits with networking.

- Examine your networking style.

- Perfect your intro for both online and in-person.

- Learn to read the room.

When: Wednesday 22nd March 2023, 6pm GMT

Where: Online

Tickets: FREE Here

We look forward to seeing you there!


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