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Ending 2020 On A Sweet Note

Girls In Charge turned two years old on 12 December 2020, and the world has never felt more different now than when we first started this mission. It’s been a rough year for everyone, but now is the time to build, learn and develop ourselves for the better days to come. Which is why in the last couple of months, the Girls In Charge team has worked tirelessly to turn our business model on its head, and ensure that this disruption does not affect our ability to provide support to young women who are applying for internships and employment opportunities or trying to start or scale up their businesses in this exceptionally difficult time.

In the last nine months, we changed our strategy from collaborating with university societies and assisting their student leaders in running workshops to organising centrally-run gamified workshops that bring in a breadth of knowledge, while allowing attendees to interact with other highly motivated women from across the world. We expanded our partnerships to Europe and South America this year, with many more exciting countries yet to be added to our network in 2021. We made some amazing additions to our team, and went from an operation of two women in 2018 to an organisation of ten in 2020.

With one semester of workshops done, and another one to go, we at Girls In Charge can’t wait to see you again soon. We’re keeping our birthday celebrations this year socially distant, and we hope you all are staying safe too. Wishing everyone a healthy and successful 2021!


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