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How to Start Your Dream Side Hustle

The number of side hustles dramatically increased over the Coronavirus pandemic. As people spent more time at home they were able to focus on their hobbies and how to monetise them. The popularity of TikTok helped with this. As remote working is a concept that has stuck throughout the pandemic, the idea of being your own boss and ditching the typical 9-5 day has become appealing. Below are some initial tips on starting your dream side hustle.

Create an authentic brand by providing personal anecdotes

People love to see the personal aspect or the story of your brand, as it gives them more of a reason to buy your products or services. Why did you set it up? How does it relate to your passions or life goals? One little anecdote goes a long way.

If you’re providing products, brainstorm a way for your brand to give customers a personal touch

A free handmade gift, a beautifully designed business card, or wrapping your products in unique or environmentally friendly packaging, you’re setting your brand apart from the rest. What would make people come back to buy from you?

Keep tabs on expenses, including a physical record

Not only for paying taxes when hopefully your business becomes profitable, keeping a tab on expenses from day one makes your life easier in the future. Google Sheets or Notion is your best friend, as free these cloud based services keep all your documents and expense sheets safe.

Find out more about Google Sheets and Notion:

Social media and going behind the scenes

Keeping your social media updated is pivotal if you want to keep your business current and attract new customers. Whether it’s a carefully planned picture of a new product, ideally showing your audience how and where you can use it, or an Instagram Reel of a day in the life of a small business owner, colourful, authentic and engaging content is sure way to keep potential customers interested. The more regularly you can update it, the better. Content brainstorming sessions are also very important to integrate into the time you spend on your business, as social media content will influence sales.

Product photography

If you are selling products, effective photography is so important. Taking pictures of your products on plain, simple backgrounds with good lighting will make your website and social media accounts look crisp and clean, and people will be more likely to buy your products.

Keep an eye on our blog to take a deep dive into some of these topics further!


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