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Need Inspiration to Work on your Personal Brand? Here are Some Examples of Pioneering Females

If you’ve already seen the promotion for our upcoming personal branding workshop and are starting to think about your own personal brand, read on. We understand that ‘personal brand’ is a daunting term, so we wanted to feature some fantastic females and some of our team’s role models on our blog. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and we will keep adding to it. Reading other people’s inspiring stories may give you some insight for developing your own personal brand. What are you truly passionate about? What sets you apart from others? This article acts as the perfect pre-reading for our workshop.

Ruby Granger

Ruby Granger is an established ‘studytuber,’ and a role model for (realistic) productivity. To give you more of an insight into the ‘studytube’ sphere, in 2020 when the world went into coronavirus lockdowns, a group of YouTubers, all of which had vlogged about their experiences at all levels of education, came together and created ‘The Studytube Channel.’ Each day, one content creator provided a video, allowing subscribers to continue learning whilst the world had shut down. However, Granger was already well-known before The StudyTube channel took off. She’s recently graduated in English Literature, and her productive, ‘cottagecore’ lifestyle, shown through her university vlogs, is inspiring for many. Her stationary brand, Pumpkin Productivity, where she sells academic diaries, along with her collaborations with our friends at Miss Patina, both encompass her dark academia personal brand.


The entire planet was moved by Malala’s story in 2012, as her life was put in immediate danger for speaking about the opportunities for women in education. You can read more about it here. You only have to glance at the Malala Fund Instagram account to see the female-centred imagery, which focuses particularly on women who want to change their lives and the lives of those around them. The Malala Fund has a new digital magazine called Assembly, with some physical copies. The social media content of Malala is therefore collated into a physical object, drawing together her personal brand – the urgency of amplifying important women’s voices.


Formally known as Zoella, Zoë Sugg’s journey is certainly a fantastic example of personal branding. From makeup palette reviews in 2012 (many of us will remember how the collection concealer was sold out everywhere due to her), to family vlogs and homeware recommendations now, Sugg has catered and tailored content to her audience. As she has grown, her audience have grown with her.

Michelle Obama

As the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has built on an excellent personal brand. Firstly, her memoir Becoming, published in 2018, is a fantastic text that allows the reader to get to know Michelle on a personal level. From this, authenticity is clearly an important factor in building a personal brand. She connects with her audience on Instagram to signify her core values and beliefs, allowing people to relate to Michelle by drawing parallels to their own life.

Let us know through our social media channels who some of your favourite female rolemodels are. Furthermore, if you’re interested in working on your own personal brand, sign up to our Personal Branding workshop in November. In the session you will:

- Gain a roadmap to personal branding

- Explore your strengths and weaknesses

- Create your own personal brand.

When: 16th November 2022, 6pm GMT

Where: Online

We look forward to seeing you there!


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