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Our First Ever Virtual Workshop Series!

Covid-19 was certainly not a break for the Girls In Charge team! We worked even harder to deliver the same quality of workshops through Zoom. From 14th October to 4th November 2020, Girls In Charge delivered 4 workshops focusing on Personal Branding, Body Language, Networking skills, and Creativity and Business. Our team co-hosted this Term 1 Workshop series with Student Leaders from various universities. They were trained to help other female students develop entrepreneurial skills whilst improving their own confidence and leadership skills .

In leading group discussions and activities, our Student Leaders were also trained to be approachable and friendly in giving constructive feedback to participants. This challenged participants to reflect more on their strengths and weaknesses. Our speakers had given practical tips backed by psychological evidence and their own personal experiences. The workshops were also up-to-date with the “new normal” working patterns and even taught how we can utilize zoom virtual backgrounds to create great first impressions.

One of the highlights of the series was definitely when our Projects & Outreach Director, Habiba, showed off her power pose during the Body Language workshop and everyone followed and struck their own power poses. You could feel the immediate boost of confidence in the room which was then followed by laughter and giggles. The supportive and friendly environment was a space for many like-minded yet unique individuals to socialise and network. We had a diversity of women from different cultures and backgrounds, all sharing and exchanging their ideas and perspectives. Some have even continued to develop friendships outside the workshops.

Finally, the series was wrapped up with a Creativity and Business workshop led by our other co-founder Nikita. She had really pushed participants out of their comfort zones and brought up realizations on how often we ourselves impose restrictions on our own creativity. Our student leaders led interactive poetry and song writing activities and there were clearly some potential songwriters and poets! Furthermore, we shared exclusive insights to how Holly Wang, the CEO of Miss Patina (an award-winning UK based fashion brand), integrates creativity to her own business.

If you want to take charge of your own career with a supportive environment, then be sure to sign up as a Student Leader in Term 2! Or you could always keep an eye out for our upcoming Term 2 Workshop series!

Here’s what a few of our many participants and student leaders have to say:

‘Each session was fun and gave me time to reflect on myself, broaden my skillset and practice the things we were taught. I always finished sessions feeling excited to utilize the techniques I had learnt and with an increased belief in myself and my ability. Another great aspect of the sessions was getting to virtually meet other like-minded women who I am now connected with on LinkedIn. This expansion of my skills and network will no doubt help me in the future and I’m excited to put them to good use and meet even more amazing women next term!’

- Student Leader & Participant Georgia Howard, University of Leeds

‘Taking part in the workshops has taught me more than just soft skills for my career development. Not only did I have the chance to co-host a workshop, I also learned from others as the multidisciplinary audience fuels a fun, interactive and diverse learning environment. Attending the workshops and moderating one of them helped me develop my skills in a way that proved very efficient to me. I am proud to have been able to take part in this and look forward to seeing Girls in Charge grow further!’

- Student Leader & Participant Elsa Giolito, Erasmus University Rotterdam

‘The workshops gave me insights to my own unconscious acts and thoughts that I never had realized before. I loved that the tips are relevant and up-to-date with the changing working patterns due to the coronavirus. Furthermore, the GC workshop series is a great place for networking and meeting like-minded people. I will definitely attend GC’s future events!’

- Participant Diva Selina, Imperial College London


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