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The Great & Not So Great Expectations

Why do we judge others excessively when they make a mistake? I think one of the reasons is because we ourselves idealize people to be perfect. We hold others to a level of expectation that are too high for them in the first place because let's be realistic, no human being is perfect.

Furthermore, the expectations you have for others are the same expectations you hold for yourself. Oftentimes, we judge people and criticize them excessively, but this constant complaint or gossiping on other people’s lives reveal more about ourselves. At the end of the day, we should not enforce our own opinions or perspectives on others, because each of us are given the freedom to choose. However, it must be noted that some opinions are more valid than others due to the logical coherency behind it.

We can get overly defensive when a person pays us a small negative comment. Yet why should I be bothered so much by a passing comment? Perhaps, we ourselves overthink on the small comment and turn it into an increasingly urgent personal attack. It is likely because we feel threatened when others see through the perfect image, we have crafted for ourselves and spotted our flaws. Accept that you are not perfect because nobody is and of course, acceptance takes time too.

TLDR: Don’t project perfection on others as it will also be the same measure you judge your own self-worth. We all fall short of perfection, but we should strive for growth.


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